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If you have any questions regarding mesh generation, ask us.

We provide labour-saving and automation services during the mesh generation process:

    Mesh generation of complicated shapes and large-scale calculations.

    Development of a pre-post system for in-house solvers.

    Creation of interfaces for fluid structure-interaction analysis.

    Development of a data conversion tool between different solvers.

    Addition of GUI and grid display functions to in-house mesh generation tools.

    Development of a parametric automatic mesh generation tool for specific shapes.

    Quality improvement for existing grids.

    Development of a grid-based morphing tool for optimization and parametric study.

Prompt development, including high graphics facilities and easily used GUIs.

Compatible with a variety of grid types:

    Structure grids (single/multi-block)

    High-order precision elements (with intermediate nodes)

    Unstructured grids (tetrahedron, hexahedron, and hybrid)

    Mesh that includes hanging nodes.

    Arbitrary polyhedral mesh.

    Overset grids.

 Please inquire if you have any requests or questions.   CONTACT