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Mesh Viewer and Editor

Has various rendering options,
element quality display and report,
and mesh refinement functions.

Mesh Converter

Can read and write the mesh files
of several simulation solvers such as
Fluent, Star-CD, OpenFOAM,

Platform Independent

Runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

QuickMesh™ is a utility application of computational mesh for numerical fluid dynamics and finite element analysis.

Key Features

Latest News

March/28/2022 Version 2.2.0 released.
April/11/2021 Version 2.1.2 released.
December/8/2020 Version 2.1.1 released.
July/31/2020 Version 2.1.0 released.
April/1/2020 Our office was relocated.
May/22/2019 Version 2.0.6 released.
Apr/6/2019 Version 2.0.5 released.
Feb/25/2019 Version 2.0.4 released.
Dec/20/2018 Version 2.0.3 released.
Sep/22/2018 Version 2.0.2 released.
Sep/4/2018 Our office was relocated.
Jun/27/2018 Version 2.0.1 released.
Jun/22/2018 Version 2.0.0 released.
Feb/23/2018 Version 1.9.19c (Windows archive) released.
Feb/3/2018 Version 1.9.19b released.
Jan/17/2018 Version 1.9.19a released.
Jan/13/2018 Version 1.9.19 released.
Dec/2/2017 Version 1.9.18 released.
Sep/22/2017 Version 1.9.17 released.
Mar/28/2017 Version 1.9.16 released.
Mar/25/2017 Version 1.9.15 released.
Mar/15/2017 Version 1.9.14 released.
July/29/2016 Version 1.9 released.
Apr/27/2016 Version 1.8 released.
Feb/25/2016 Version 1.7 released.
Feb/6/2016 Version 1.6 released.
Dec/14/2015 Version 1.5 released.
Nov/13/2015 Version 1.4 released.
Sept/14/2015 Version 1.3 released.
July/16/2015 Version 1.2 released.
July/2,3/2015 Exhibited at the Lecture of Computational Fluid Dynamics/
the Symposium of aerospace numerical simulation technology.
May/7/2015 Version 1.1 released.
Apr/1/2015 License sales started.
Mar/31/2015 Version 1.0 released.
Feb/27/2015 Version 0.0.5β released (Final Beta).
Feb/18/2015 Version 0.0.4β released (Support CentOS6.x).
Feb/4/2015 Version 0.0.3β released (Support High-order CFD method).
Dec/24/2014 Version 0.0.2β released.
Dec/9-11/2014 Exhibited at the 28th Symposium of Computational Fluid Dynamics.
Dec/9/2014 Version 0.0.1β released for evaluation.

Update Information

July/31/2020 Updated our address
Sep/11/2018 Updated our address
Feb/6/2018 Updated the file format list on the Feature Overview page
Oct/6/2017 Updated the file format list on the Feature Overview page
Oct/4/2016 Updated the Feature Overview page.
Mar/18/2016 Updated the DOWNLOAD page.
July/30/2015 Updated the edit function of the boundary layer mesh on the Feature Overview page.
July/16/2015 Updated the Services Information.
June/11/2015 Updated the Feature Overview and Example of Smoothing pages.
Apr/9/2015 Updated the License method and License price list pages.
Nov/7/2014 Updated the homepage.